In the balmy swamps of Florida, The Boar was born. It was late 1976, when nonexistent fall would soon give way to a wimpy Florida winter. The boar grew up on classic rock, classic country, gospel, metal, alternative, and punk. His love for music has been a part of him as long as his nose has been, that is to say, he was born with it. Reckon that love was ignited into a passion when his mother first taught him his chords on the guitar when he was twelve and in no time he was playing his first song, House of the Rising Sun. Some families pass down business or guns, fine art or jewelry, but the Boar inherited the gift of music, a love passed down from Grandaddy Boar, Donald Richardson. Donald Richardson and his brother, bobby, formed ‘The Richardson Brothers’ who gained air time on old Tampa radio station WHBO. Grandaddy boar also played with Slim Whitman, before he got to being famous. One might say music run strong in the family. His uncles play guitar, Old man played drums, and sister Boar plays piano and a mean violin. She plays nice ones as well.

The Bitter Boar states his influences as Neil Young, Tom Petty, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Metallica, REM, Faith No More, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Beatles, Starflyer59, The Pogues, Johnny Cash, and Weezer. Between you and me though, I think he is influenced by a lot of things, both musical and not. Some people just have a certain kind of awareness if you know what I mean.

While in Florida, teenage Boar was part of the hardcore/death metal scene in the ’90’s and founded the band Sickbay. But, The Bitter Boar had wrestled all the gators in Florida and it was soon enough time to move on.

The Smoky Mountains of TN is where the Boar and his family would soon call home. Who can resist those low slung clouds and immovable mountains? The mystique is strong in the smoke and there, the Boar’s love for Blue Grass and Irish Folk was bloomed. His music slowed a bit, taking time out to help raise a couple piglets with the Lady Boar, but he did join the band, PLOW. Eleven years were spent there in Tennessee, blood being infused with the heart of Appalachia and coming to know all its particular ghosts. In those mountains though, the beginning of a four year silence began, a quiet he took with him to the next adventure over, Texas.

Ah Texas, where the dirt is red, the blood is blue, and the music has a life of its own. Here, the Boar’s silence broke and in a fresh wash of themes such as Regret, Death, Bigfoot, Hope, Ghosts, God, Murder, Love, and the Civil War, over a hundred songs came pouring out. The well wasn’t dry after all, Life just needed to sharpen the drill bit for a deeper press. His first EP, “Rain” is a perfect sampling of such themes and an excellent representation of the Boar’s musical talent. While his fascination with all things unexplained and mysterious grows, we can expect more exploration into lyrical and musical intrigue. Who knows, maybe sasquatch himself will help him write the next few songs. Never know what you’re going to run into around here.

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